Elephone P8 3D Review

Let’s start with the contents of the box. It includes the mobile phone, the power supply, the USB/microUSB cable, a needle for removing the SIM tray that is much more convenient and easy to hold than other similar clips from other manufacturers, a silicone case and a mini manual. Surprisingly, there’s no headphones. For its price it looks very good, the back is very attractive. 

Once we turn on the device we find Android 7 with Google Play Store and the typical Apps, but also all the unnecessary Google Apps. Apart from that the only additional programs are: 3D Media, (see 1.0.5), Service Elephone (see 1.10) and FM Radio (see 2.0).

The screen looks great and is lenticular so the horizontal 3D effect is very good. But you have to find the right angle and distance because there is no eye tracking, despite advertising with this feature on their official website. The Media 3D demo photos look spectacular. Compared to the Fujifilm W3 and Nintendo 3DS (no New) wich have very good viewing angle but a very poor resolution, this fullHD screen surprised me. The rear cameras are not very capable of 3D photos because of their arrangement (they would have to be vertical) and because of their short separation, I will continue to use my W3, or take two photos as with any other mobile phone. They also advertise as a feature taking three-dimensional photos showing a horizontal photo of a faraway building, something totally impossible using the 3D mode of this mobile. 

Image taken in automatic mode The horrible bokeh mode Exposition suffers on high contrast
Making use of HDR we will get
optimal quality

When testing the camera we get quite good results for its price, although it does not make any useful use of the double camera. In the images you can see how the automatic mode is not quite good, but once we activate the HDR the thing improves a lot. The bokeh mode is one of the worst we have seen, even compared to single camera mobiles that do a better job by software. It seems as if he doesn’t take distance into account. It is difficult for the camera to focus, and sometimes the pictures are blurred, especially in night mode.

Low light conditions, image lack
Same phot with HDR gains a lot.
Conclusion: HDR always on

Finally, the following Apps have been tested with the 3D screen:

  • Stereoscope can be viewed in 3D by configuring the screen as Gadmei/Truly 3D
  • Phereo can only be seen in 2D or no 3D or animated anaglyph
  • sView cannot be set to view in 3D
  • YouTube does not detect the 3D screen so they are displayed on split screen (SBS) or anaglyph. The solution is to download the files (with @utubebot in Telegram or with Ark tube) and then view them in the included Media 3D.


My appreciation to summarize is that for what it costs it has one of the best quality/price ratios, I did not expected great performance, but it goes very smoothly.

Elephone P8 3D


3D Quality








3D Ergonomy



  • Value for money
  • 3D experience
  • Good materials
  • Usability
  • Screen protector + case


  • 3D Media App could be better
  • Camera hard to focus and blurry images
  • Eye tracking still not working

3 Responses

  1. Sanjigen says:

    ¿Por qué no podemos ver en 3D con Phereo? ¿No es una pantalla lenticular que utiliza imágenes verticales entrelazadas para la estereoscopia? ¿Se puede ver en 3D conTriDef 3D gallery?

  2. San Jigen says:

    ¿Por qué no podemos ver en 3D con Phereo? ¿No es una pantalla lenticular que utiliza imágenes entrelazadas verticalmente para la estereoscopia? ¿Se pueda ver en 3D con TriDef 3D gallery?

    • Kano3D says:

      Porque la App de Phereo por alguna razón solo soporta móviles 3D antiguos, hace unos meses les pedí en su foro que actualizaran la App para usar la pantalla 1080p 3D lenticular de los móviles actuales, pero no lo han hecho. Te animo a que te pongas en contacto con ellos y se lo pidas. Contra más gente lo pida más se verán forzados a implementarlo

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