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Elephone P8 3D Review

Let’s start with the contents of the box. It includes the mobile phone, the power supply, the USB/microUSB cable, a needle for removing the SIM tray that is much more convenient and easy to...


Review: ZTE Axon 7 Max, an incredible device

(Español) Mucho hay que contar sobre este magnífico dispositivo, y la mayoría bueno. Nos enfrentamos a un análisis con muchos datos sobre los que hablar y mostrar. Poco se conoce sobre este móvil en occidente, y no es nada raro que al buscar información sobre él en un buscador solo nos aparezcan resultados sobre el Axon 7 y sobre el Axon Max. Este modelo poco tiene que ver con el juego de nombres del resto de su gama…


3D smartphones unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2017

We have been witness in the first months of 2017 to an avalanche of 3D phones. And, there’s more on the way. Sadly, almost all follows the ridiculous style of only have 3D screen or 3D camera, not both. That’s crazy because having both is the best way to enjoy 3D, if you only have 3D screen you have to look for 3D content, if you only have 3D camera you have 3D content but you can’t enjoy it directly.

Anyway, we are here to make public these devices presented on Barcelona’s MWC 2017 some days ago. So here we go: