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Other amazingly revolutionary 3D products presented on CES 2017 by Ultra-D creators

If you read our article about Ultra-D technology you know that Ultra-D TV is the future of 3D-TV. But that was only the beginning. A lot of consumer products are being developed using Ultra-D technology, actually StreamTV Networks is deploying 3D digital signage solutions, that wow factor will spread everywhere while they improve technology for mass-market. But we are more interested on consumer products, so let’s speak about them.


Huffington Post declares Ultra-D screens as best of CES 2017

(Español) Desde hace unos años, una empresa llamada StreamTV Networks lleva desarrollando una tecnología llamada Ultra-D que permite ver imágenes 3D desde casi cualquier ángulo (140 grados de visión contínua) aunque te muevas o cambies de posición e incluso si te vas muy a un lateral de la pantalla y superas los 140 grados de visión 3d lo que verás será una perfecta imagen 2d, nada de dobles imágenes. Lo que es más, al mirar la imagen desde otro ángulo puedes ver…


Introducing ZTE Axon 7 Max with 3D screen and depth map camera

ZTE announced on China the ZTE Axon 7 Max, an smartphone with aluminium body and a 6″ 3D screen with FullHD resolution. The point with this smartphone it’s the depth map camera technology, wich allows to capture more than a 3D photo. This technology was impulsed by Google’s .JPG depth map format…