Red Hydrogen One. The second 3D revolution. All info

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  1. San10 says:

    Could someone of you upload ‘normal’ 3D photos taken with the device to
    Because i am curious what the normal 3d images, mpo jps etc. of this device look like in terms of how well it renders 3d images and the picture quality.

  2. Sanjigen says:

    Like San10, I would be very much interested in seeing side-by-side stereo pictures obtained with the Hydrogen One, although it might not be possible yet to export H4V pictures in the usual sbs format. The ZTE Axon 7 Max also uses two cameras very close to each other to get a depth map and generate left-right pictures, but the result clearly has many errors, so I wonder if the Hydrogen manages to capture depth more accurately and without noticeable errors, especially in videos.

    I also wonder about the H4V format. The name suggests that it contains four images instead of the usual stereoscopic formats containing two images. But since the views are presumably synthesised from a depth map instead of being taken by four cameras, I suspect that the H4V format has just one picture and a depth map. I hope that the specifications will be detailed soon.

    As for the word “holographic”, it is of course pure marketing hype. It is technically a multi-scopic display with only four views. Common lenticular prints (postcards) have typically dozens of views, and they do not look like holograms at all, so the Hydrogen One screen should be even worse. 4 views would only allow a slight variation of angle of sight. It is a minor improvement over stereoscopic display, but it is nonetheless interesting. I hope someone will soon post a video showing the quality of the display and how it changes as the angle of sight is changed.

    There is already a review by the Verge, and it is very negative.
    They say that the screen is bad and blurry in 3D mode, but it is not clear in the video what are actual shootings of the screen. They also claim that the 3D effect is not good. One should take their review with a grain of salt, since these people are clearly not familiar with stereophotography. Because of the name “holographic”, they expected things to pop out of the screen, which is the typical misconception, and they seemed surprised that taking pictures of people at a certain distance may look flat. From what we can see in the video, the screen quality does not look so bad, but presumably we do not see actual shootings of the screen in 3D mode. Still, they claim that the screen in 3D mode looks worse than that of the Nintendo 3DS (which would be very bad!) and mentioned that the 3D pictures and videos have artefacts (which is worrying). At least it is clear that the Hydrogen One is not quite the revolution that was advertised. Now I hope someone more familiar with 3D will do a more serious review, comparing with existing stereoscopic screens and 3D cameras.

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