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We’re attending to the Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2021 that takes place between 28 June – 1 July 2021. There are some new technologies that we’re sure you will want to know.

Previous months weren’t full of news about Stereoscopic 3D technologies. But there are incoming announcements that will bring us exciting new experiences, as well as a new device from us. Upcoming months look promising for 3D; So we have created new channels of communication with you.

ProMa: As you know, we have been working on our new ProMa brand and on an unannounced new device. While we prepare a full article on the website, if you want to receive updates and announcements, images, videos, and be informed about every detail of the new device, you can follow the official ProMa accounts. Be excited by our glasses-free 3D by ProMa devices:

Tridimensional: Follow Tridimensional for quick updates on any Stereoscopic 3D topic -including about ProMa-, take in account this: On LinkedIn you will find more business topics, and on Twitter you will find the most frequent updates on any topic related with 3D, so we recommend you to follow us on Twitter. Tumblr have instead a more personal view. YouTube will host reviews and how-to guides.

Community: Added to the social networks, we have some community groups where anyone can participate. You can make any question related to 3D devices or about a 3D movie or game, talk with other members, publish news and links, sell your 3D devices/movies to other users, or even upload your 3D photos & videos. We recommend Discord or Telegram for being more flexible and agile, and better for sending files.


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