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Brand new holographic displays up to 55″, improved VR+ monitor, and new holographic interaction!

Our new glasses-free Multi-View monitor -that allows unlimited number of viewers looking the screen at once-, is already available. This monitor can also work standalone, loading 3D images from a USB drive. And you can choose between 28″ and 55″ sizes.

ProMa MV Holographic Monitor

But we also have just improved our eye-tracking monitor with even better color accuracy and brightness. The new model is called VR+ instead VR.

These are the improvements made:

  • More brilliant 3D and more image quality, showing every detail in a brighter way 
  • Better and clearer 3D depth, showing the real immersion of the images
  • Better and more accurate eye tracking, adjusting the 3D images to your position without your notice 
  • Absolutely free of ghosting and crosstalk, no discomfort even using it for long time periods
  • Deeper black colors
ProMa VR+ Monitor

But that’s not all, we have a new variation of the VR+ with holographic interaction, you will be able to interact directly with the 3D images in the air:

ProMa VR+i interactive


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