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Apple Reality Glasses will offer a 3D Mixed Reality world, including 3D video service


Apple is on the lookout for a number of new employees who will be heavily involved in promoting the company’s first mixed reality headset, which is currently in development.

Apple also intends to develop a virtual 3D world to go with its future mixed reality glasses. According to Bloomberg, Apple is looking for several experts to join its future mixed reality team. One of them is destined to create the aforementioned “3D virtual world.” This, in conjunction with the actual 3D & AR capabilities of iOS ecosystem, could unleash a revolutionary ecosystem.

The most interesting job listing is one that specifically calls out the development of a 3D mixed-reality world —don’t expect Apple to embrace the term Metaverse. Its marketing chief said at a recent event that metaverse is “a word I’ll never use.” Tasks of the job include “build tools and frameworks to enable connected experiences in a 3D mixed-reality world.”. “You will work closely with Apple’s UI framework, human interface designers and system capabilities teams—pushing you to think outside-the-box, and solve incredibly challenging and interesting problems in the 3D application space,” it reads. 

Only HoloLens offers a good 3D environment in Augmented Reality, and can also be partly used with Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets.

In addition to the above and other profiles, the Californian giant also wants to hire experts in the generation of audiovisual content (they acquired NextVR in the past). Thus, the company would seek, among other things, to create a 3D video service designed exclusively for this device, something like Bigscreen but adapted to augmented reality.

The mixed reality headset could cost between $2,000 and $3,000. It’s rumored to be a high-end product with a Mac-level M2 chip (though the M processors were presented to be more affordable and efficient). Also is said it includes ten cameras placed on the outside and inside the device, and the best display yet — the highest resolution ever used in a consumer headset (Pimax offer up to 12K on their headsets).

We also know that the device will run realityOS, a new operating system that will include mixed reality versions of core Apple apps like Messages, FaceTime, and Maps. The first version of the operating system, code-named Oak, is currently in development and is expected to be ready for new hardware next year.

Another key detail is the potential name, as it affirms the high-end nature of the headset. Apple is behind the trademark filings for “Reality Pro” and “Reality One,” suggesting that the company is deciding between those two brands for the device. The “Reality” moniker makes sense given the operating system name and existing Apple AR development tools like RealityKit.

According to the latest rumors, Apple’s mixed reality headset will be introduced in the spring of 2023. 


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