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Sony puts Spatial Reality Display on sale temporarily


This month, buying a professional Sony Spatial Reality Display will be less expensive

Sony’s Spatial Reality Display (ELF-SR1), the 15.6″ glasses-free 3D display, is on sale between February 6, 2023 – March 26, 2023, with a 30% discount (that’s a $1,500 savings). Anyone interested can buy via Sony or participating retailers listed below:

Using spatial reality to combine the virtual and physical world, the Spatial Reality Display creates an incredible 3D optical experience that is viewable to the naked eye. This cutting-edge 3D visual technology of the SR Display delivers a futuristic, yet highly practical visual experience, where colors, textures, contrasts, and brightness fuse, to form a new medium for image, character, and product design and visualization.

Content extends deep within the display from any viewing angle as images are rendered real-time on horizontal, vertical and depth parallax. Content feels like it is right in front of you.

A leading independent game studio discovers better ways to evaluate 3D characters, creatures, textures, lighting, colors, and effects with Sony’s Spatial Reality Display.

[Holographic images] “had only been possible in movies or science fiction. Seeing it in person is a memory moment, something you will always remember.” 
-Craig Evans, CEO, Digital Nation Entertainment

Sony’s Spatial Reality is not the same technology as SpatialLabs or Simulated Reality, it is a proprietary solution from Sony, based on the same holographic concept.


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