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Avatar Way of Water 3D Blu-ray available: let’s make clear that people still want 3D at home

If you didn’t know, Avatar 2 just have a 3D Blu-ray release. It is very rare any actual 3D movie gets a home copy available to buy, so this is the time to demonstrate studios people still want to watch 3D movies at home.

Amazon sells the 3D Blu-ray internationally, and it’s very cheap for a new Blu-ray release, shipment is even free!

So, don’t miss the opportunity to make this 3D Blu-ray a huge success (already sold out numerous times in a few days) so studios know the interest in 3D has not lost. Maybe also, other companies could be more prone to launch new 3DTV models or some of the big players finally decide to have 3D movies on their catalog (or even to develop a new physical format).

You can also help by buying the 3D Blu-ray from our affiliate link. The price will be the same for you, but that will help us a lot.

Avatar The Way of Water 3D

Remember there are still new 3D Blu-ray releases in Japan (all MovieNEX titles include a 3D Blu-ray disc), that you can import (if you can afford it) to help keep the format alive. Australian citizens also have available new 3D Blu-ray titles on the Random Space Media website.


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