Leia is rapidly becoming the biggest player in the 3D display industry.

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Leia is rapidly becoming the biggest player in the 3D display industry.


A few months ago, Leia was the most prominent brand of 3D displays in the present era.

Two recent acquisitions have made that affirmation even bolder.

During this summer, the company acquired Dimenco, the former global leader in 3D displays and owner of the patented Simulated Reality technology.
With that sole acquisition, we anticipate the establishment of a comprehensive ecosystem that will encompass both portable and desktop devices from both companies.

Dimenco's Simulated Reality development kit
Dimenco’s Simulated Reality development kit

We hope that they can extend the TrueGame 3D gaming technology to other Simulated Reality displays (or even to mobile devices); In games, it’s important to have exact depth positions for every element and TrueGame’s 3D Ultra mode offers the exact representation of objects in the virtual world, just like VR. The TrueGame software is a much-anticipated alternative to Nvidia 3D Vision. However, it is uncertain whether this is a proprietary technology from Acer.

The other recent acquisition from Leia is the entire 3D patent portfolio of Royal Philips (aka Philips). Philips was one of the first brands to develop technologies for glasses-free 3D, and they even helped design the Dolby 3D system. The potential for that acquisition is immense, as all efforts put in by Philips, a company that was in decline on the TV market long before brands stopped selling 3D devices, will be recouped.
This could potentially result in enhancements to the existing Dimenco and Leia devices, as well as novel hybrid devices that are crafted utilizing the knowledge gleaned from the patents.

Philips and Dolby announced the Dolby 3D specification

The acquired portfolio consists of more than 500 patents and is widely recognized across the industry as one of the largest and most influential portfolios in 3D display technology. Combined with Leia’s existing patent portfolio, it brings the number of patents held by Leia and its subsidiaries to over 1,500, making it the largest and most significant 3D display and software portfolio in the industry.

“Acquiring these trailblazing 3D display patents facilitates Leia’s innovations in cutting edge display technology,” says David Fattal, CEO of Leia. “This will allow our customers and partners to integrate unparalleled 3D into both existing and new product lines, as we shift the status quo from 2d to 3D viewing experiences.”

In any case, these acquisitions have made Leia the undisputed leader in the 3D device market, and it is hoped that they will further broaden its first-class ecosystem in terms of scope and applications.


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