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The iPhone finally becomes the ultimate 3D device: Unleash all its 3D capabilities with our iPhone Spatial Display


Revolutionizing the already excellent iPhone 3D ecosystem by adding the final piece needed to make it the ultimate 3D device.

Do you remember when we said that the iPhone is the ultimate 3D device, even without having a 3D display? Imagine the power in your hands if you could upgrade it with a 3D display…

…Don’t stop dreaming! We have worked to make this possible! The iPhone Spatial Display is a revolutionary screen protector that transforms your iPhone into a 3D display with unparalleled features.

3D image taken with an “old” iPhone 11 Pro Max, you can start capturing your own 3D photos with your iPhone too

3D Display & protection

This groundbreaking screen protector not only shields your device from scratches and smudges with a high-quality strong glass, but also unlocks a realm of immersive entertainment and functionality. Let’s delve into the extraordinary features that set it apart.

Adaptive Eye Tracking

The inclusion of eye tracking technology enhances user interaction and comfort. Seamlessly integrated, it ensures that the 3D effect follows your gaze, creating a natural and immersive experience. For those moments when you prefer traditional viewing, or watching with a friend, the eye tracking feature can be effortlessly disabled, providing flexibility and control.

Whether you’re viewing in portrait or landscape orientation, the immersive experience remains according to your preferences, allowing you to explore your favorite media from every angle.

Enjoy tons of 3D contents on websites and communities

You can watch your existing SBS or Spatial images & videos, or browse the web and watch any 3D image or video you find online (like the 3D movie posters in our Reviews section), you will be able to watch them the way they should.

Whether you’re browsing stereoscopic communities, or online 3D video services (or 2d), you will unlock a world of possibilities, with access to 3D apps tailored for the screen protector. Like 3D photo communities, or Apps for making 3D photos with higher stereo base.

Yes, you will be able to watch this image in 3D if you buy the iPhone Spatial Display

Real-Time AI conversion

Experience the magic of advanced artificial intelligence at your fingertips. The powerful iPhone processors enable local real-time processing, you can seamlessly watch regular 2d content into vibrant 3D visuals, enriching your viewing experience without any additional effort or waiting time. Witness your photos and videos come alive with moderate but realistic depth and dimension, thanks to the power of AI.

How It Works

Using the screen protector is a breeze. You can easily install the glass onto your iPhone at first try with the included frame accessory, then put the iPhone on the table under the included mirror-box for auto-calibration, and you’re ready to embark on a journey into the world of 3D.

Use the included mirror-box for auto-calibration and you’re ready to start enjoying 3D on your iPhone

Whether you’re viewing local content stored on your device or exploring online media, the transition to 3D is seamless. Just open your desired 2d or 3D image or video, and watch as it transforms into a captivating visual spectacle at full screen.

Tip: You can make an screenshot of a 3D image and set it up as home or lock screen wallpaper. And with Apple’s iOS 18 update you can use a 3D image with strong pop outs and be able to acomodate your home icons in the way you want to not block the parts going outside the display.

Unleash right now the possibilities of your new 3D iPhone while your 3D display for your iPhone arrives. Buy it in our Store:

iPhone Spatial Display
Spatial Display for your iPhone model


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