Lume Pad: Finally the first 3D tablet that actually can be watched comfortably

UPDATE: This is a review of a Holographic 3D tablet, if you prefer a not-pixelated experience, you have our Stereoscopic 3D tablet with stunning definition in 3D: the ProMa King Tablet. We’re reviewing this 2020’s glasses-free 3D device. This time, we have a glasses-free holographic 3D tablet that actually can be watched comfortably. With a […]

Lume Pad II

Immersive 3D Viewing Its combination of a 2.5K (12.4”) display and AI face tracking, makes the Lume Pad 2 the most enjoyable 3D tablet. The 3D viewing experience is complemented by a Dolby Atmos Quad-Speaker configuration creating the deepest immersion. 3D Creator Tool Capture the world around you like never before. With its built-in stereoscopic […]

Lume Pad 2 / Nubia Pad 3D announced

Barcelona’s MWC 2023 is here. And that means we have new announcements of 3D devices and technologies. The successor of Leia’s Lume Pad has been announced. In the US, the device will be called simply as Lume Pad 2. In other territories, the device will be distributed by ZTE (creators of the Axon 7 Max) […]

Save $100 when buying Lume Pad from Tridimensional

UPDATE: Lume Pad is no longer available. You can buy the ProMa King Tablet or wait for Lume Pad 2. Until February 27th you can get a Lume Pad for $100 less if you use the code you’ll get buying Lume Pad from Tridimensional, you will be helping us to make future reviews of new […]

Lume Pad now can watch and manipulate the +500000 3D models from Sketchfab

The Lume Pad continues to keep improving with updates every few days. This time we can directly access to the popular Sketchfab service, which currently hosts more than 500k 3D models, including animated models. LeiaViewer renders a wide pipeline of model formats – including STL, OBJ, FBX, GLB and GLTF – then puts the power […]

The CES of 3D: lots of 3D products awarded at CES 2021, including Lume Pad

CES 2021 is here and as usual they concede awards to innovative new products (only new products already or imminently available to buy, not prototypes). The first conclusion we arrive is that we live in a 3D world. 3D imaging is used in more and more products Because the pandemic this CES is exclusively online, […]