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Review of main Apps (Android/iPhone/iPad):

3DSteroid / iSteroid

The free version let’s you align and adjust 2 photo pairs (learn how to make 3D photos with ANY camera or smartphone), the photos can be taken by the App, but we recommend using native camera if you have an high end device. Pro version can made adjustements automatically (recommended) so you can avoid mistakens by hand adjustement. To see the photos on 3d on newer 3d smartphones download beta version clicking here. You can export to several formats, but we recommend Paralel (SBS), so you can use the 3d photos on any 3D TV and a lot of 3d devices. 

i3DSteroid Free iOS i3DSteroid iOS


Excellent 3D photo community. Inspiring ideas for 3D enthusiasts. Seeing other’s work you can learn and motivate to equal their work. But still doesn’t support 3D screen of newer devices, so you can download picture on description section of every image or you can use Miracast to see on your 3DTV.