Most important Apps for mobile (Android/iPhone/iPad):


3D video editor for aligning and joining two videos (in example, two 1080p videos recorded with i3DMovieCam on the iPhone itself). If you record two independent videos with i3DMovieCam, you will be able to export to multiple other 3D formats from the same source.

i3DMovieCam for iPhone/iPad


This App allows you to take 3D pictures and record 3D videos with any iPhone with 2 horizontally aligned lenses. We recommend checking the Help at first use to set up the App for the lenses of your iPhone. The Results are in 16:9 ratio, the same as all 3D displays in the world. Images will fill the entire screen of your 3D displays. It can record in different formats: in 2 independent tracks (to make Full-SBS or burn a 3D Blu-ray disc at its highest quality), in Half-SBS, in anaglyph (so you can see the result in real time while recording), LR/RL, etc. We recommend saving at maximum 1920×1080 quality in L/R (Para) in 2 different tracks (photos will save directly in standard Full-SBS). Using those maximum quality settings will allow you to export to various formats with the sister i3DMovieMaker App, you will get FullHD quality as source, and still be able to export to Anaglyph or cross-view versions in the future.

i3DMovieCam for iPhone/iPad

3DSteroid / iSteroid

The free version lets you align and adjust 2 photo pairs (learn how to make 3D photos with ANY camera or smartphone). The photos can be taken by the App, but we recommend using the native camera if you have a high-end device. The Pro version can make adjustments automatically (recommended). You can select several formats, but we recommend Parallel (SBS), so you can watch the 3D photos on any 3D display, and also you will still be able to export to other formats later.

PhereoRoll 3D

The modern version of Phereo Community browser for actual 3D smartphones (works on almost any lenticular column interlaced 3D smartphone). Faster than the old official App and straightforward to use with gestures (documentation on the official GitHub page). It can also be build for Windows PC.

Download PhereoRoll 3D for Android or build for Windows


Original (and outdated) App of this excellent 3D photo community. Inspiring ideas for 3D enthusiasts. Seeing other’s work, you can learn and motivate to equal their work. But it doesn’t support 3D screen of newer devices (only HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D and variants), you can download picture on the description section of every image, or you can use Miracast to see on your 3DTV. For newer devices, use PhereoRoll 3D (above).


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