ZTE Voyager 3D: A cheap 5G 3D Smartphone with interesting features

The ZTE Voyager 3D is the latest addition to ZTE’s innovative lineup. Building on the legacy of previous ZTE devices such as the Nubia Pad and the Axon 7 Max, the Voyager 3D showcases the company’s commitment to enhancing the user experience through immersive and cutting-edge features. The ZTE Voyager 3D stands out in the […]

The iPhone finally becomes the ultimate 3D device: Unleash all its 3D capabilities with our iPhone Spatial Display

Revolutionizing the already excellent iPhone 3D ecosystem by adding the final piece needed to make it the ultimate 3D device.

New Spatial/Immersive cameras and new contents. New features and new possibilities in VisionOS 2

UPDATE: VisionOS is now compatible with WebXR and it’s enabled by default. Apple introduced new features on the WWDC24 for Vision Pro, among some impressive privacy-friendly AI features Vision Pro has been on the market for less than a half year, but in that time the number of native Apps increased from 600 to 2000. […]

Introducing ProMa Master Plus, a 3D tablet with instant AI 2d to 3D conversion

Say goodbye to the limited angles of traditional 3D displays! The ProMa Master Plus Tablet is here to revolutionize your viewing experience with crystal clear images that maintain their quality no matter the angle. This means you can immerse yourself in 3D content more comfortably than ever before. Designed for 3D enthusiasts, the Master Plus […]

All the 3D content & Apps with 3D capabilities available from launch day on Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro introduces 600 Apps designed to harness its ultra-high-resolution displays, With more than 200 available 3D movies on iTunes and Disney+, it surpasses traditional 3DTV in functionality. Supporting sports apps and immersive entertainment like Apple Immersive Video. Vision Pro also enhances work and gaming with productivity and spatial apps, and educational tools that offer immersive learning. Additionally, it allows unique music, shopping, and relaxation experiences.