Sony is launching professional Holographic 3D displays

Definitely this year there’s an explosion of Holographic 3D screens, and more are coming next year. This time is a big player like Sony who is launching a new addition to it’s professional catalog, an Holographic 3D monitor mainly focused on 3D model visualization, although it can be used with Unity and Unreal too to […]

Looking for a OLED 3DTV? You could consider this personal cinema instead

Cinera Edge is the world’s first personal cinema HMD that features dual 2.5K micro-OLED and a Dolby Digital® certified headphone (on the Pro model) with 5.1 channels of surround sound. The combination boasts a real theatrical immersive experience with fantastic video and audio quality, making the device a true mobile cinema. It invigorates your movie, TV, […]

4K 65″ MultiView for 1500GBP (only 1 unit)

There’s one used MultiView 65″ 4K monitor for sale in UK for only 1500 GBP. As description say the remote controller is not included. These monitors usually comes with an USB receiver to bring rendered 3D contents, but it’s not mandatory to use 3D capabilities as it can use HDMI inputs. As this article does […]

The new SuperMultiView screens, available now!

Help bring to market the next generation of holographic 3D devices. Holographic 3D screens do not need glasses and allow you to move and view different image angles, such as when you move in the real world, allowing even 3D blind people to appreciate depth through movement. Forget old glasses-free 3D screens, this new generation […]

Merry Christmas from Tridimensional: you will able to preorder Holographic 3D screens this week

Yes, we’re using an old anaglyph image to speak about our new Holographic 3D monitors 🙂 We can advance some features to you. The 4K displays offer SuperMultiView technology with up to 54 image angles; These 54 views are automatically generated from traditional 3D images (2 views). If you are wondering if these new visualizations […]

Next generation Holographic 3D devices are here!

UPDATE: New glasses-free 3D and Holographic 3D devices available. Help bring to the market the next generation of Holographic 3D devices. Holographic 3D screens doesn’t need glasses and allow to move and see different angles of image like when you move in the real world, allowing to even 3D-blind people to appreciate depth through movement. […]