Other amazingly revolutionary 3D products presented on CES 2017 by Ultra-D creators

If you read our article about Ultra-D technology you know that Ultra-D TV is the future of 3D-TV. But that was only the beginning. A lot of consumer products are being developed using Ultra-D technology, actually StreamTV Networks is deploying 3D digital signage solutions, that wow factor will spread everywhere while they improve technology for mass-market. But we are more interested on consumer products, so let’s speak about them.

PlayStation 4 will play 3D blu-rays on the PSVR headset

With the last 4.50 system update, Sony will add support for playing 3D blu-ray on its Virtual Reality headset, allowing users to play 3D movies on a new way, added to ability to play 3D YouTube and 3D videos. It’s still unknown if headset will recreate a virtual home cinema or will only show the 3D image and nothing […]

Huffington Post declares Ultra-D screens as best of CES 2017

Update: Ultra-D also wins ISE 2017 Best of Show Award. One thing everywhere alleged against 3D screens has been the glasses (even by people wearing sun glasses on pubs or inside the swimming pool). Soon 3D glasses-free TVs appeared, but you have to find the correct spot and you can’t move without losing 3D effect. Since for a […]