The iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max are officially a 3D camera/video camera from Apple

The just presented iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are the first iPhones that will officially bring 3D capture to the masses. UPDATE: The horizontally aligned lenses in the iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max are the wide and ultra-wide lenses, so 3D images taken with i3DMovieCam will be finally at 1x zoom. With […]

Apple Vision Pro. Is it a game changer for 3D?

Apple Vision Pro is the entirely new device Apple is bringing next year. This device is both something already seen on other devices, but also something entirely new. Basically, Apple Vision Pro is an AR (Augmented Reality) device, but made using highly advanced VR (Virtual Reality) technology. This way they can avoid all the big […]

New 3D/AR/XR announcements, just before the Apple Keynote that could change 3D forever

The long-rumored Apple Glasses are almost here. It’s almost sure Apple will present his revolutionary device this June 5th. It could change forever how we interact with software, bringing long available HoloLens features (both in terms of 3D interface and interaction), in a more friendly device. This would make a natural transition in which Stereoscopic […]

All the Stereoscopic 3D devices presented at CES 2023

UPDATE: Kandao released three new cameras and showcased its recently launched Qoocam EGO 3D (available through our store), the world’s first stereoscopic 3D camera with an integrated viewer for instant playback; and its AR CAM Freeview, a camera array for bullet time video capture, and multi-camera livestreaming, with high-precision frame synchronization among cameras, but without […]

Apple Reality Glasses will offer a 3D Mixed Reality world, including 3D video service

Apple is on the lookout for a number of new employees who will be heavily involved in promoting the company’s first mixed reality headset, which is currently in development. Apple also intends to develop a virtual 3D world to go with its future mixed reality glasses. According to Bloomberg, Apple is looking for several experts to join […]

Let’s use the existing high quality 3D standards if we want 3D to return. We urgently need to switch to MPO and frame interleaved!

UPDATE 2: Sample of MKV video file using MK3D metadata. Non-3D devices will play them in 2d, but 3D devices and software will play them in 3D at full quality per eye! Jump to more details. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 3D PHOTOS: Using high quality formats since XIX century. But we need to use better distribution […]