All the 3D content & Apps with 3D capabilities available from launch day on Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro introduces 600 Apps designed to harness its ultra-high-resolution displays, With more than 200 available 3D movies on iTunes and Disney+, it surpasses traditional 3DTV in functionality. Supporting sports apps and immersive entertainment like Apple Immersive Video. Vision Pro also enhances work and gaming with productivity and spatial apps, and educational tools that offer immersive learning. Additionally, it allows unique music, shopping, and relaxation experiences.

Now the Nubia family also supports wireless 3D streaming from your PC

Moonlight3D is on the Leia Appstore now Like our King’s tablet remote connection exclusive feature did in the past, now the Lume Pad 2/Nubia Pad 3D (from now we’ll call them the Nubia for easier reading) can also stream your PC content to the tablet. Any and all content in Half-Width SBS format on your […]

Games with good 3D that we recommend for your (New) Nintendo 3DS

Now that the Nintendo eShop doesn’t offer Nintendo 3DS games anymore, we can still buy physical cartridges to increase our collection of 3D games. This is a list of games we know that make good use of the Stereoscopic 3D feature: External affiliate links This is a small compilation of other good 3D games that […]

All the Stereoscopic 3D devices presented at CES 2023

UPDATE: Kandao released three new cameras and showcased its recently launched Qoocam EGO 3D (available through our store), the world’s first stereoscopic 3D camera with an integrated viewer for instant playback; and its AR CAM Freeview, a camera array for bullet time video capture, and multi-camera livestreaming, with high-precision frame synchronization among cameras, but without […]

Looking for a OLED 3DTV? You could consider this personal cinema instead

Cinera Edge is the world’s first personal cinema HMD that features dual 2.5K micro-OLED and a Dolby Digital® certified headphone (on the Pro model) with 5.1 channels of surround sound. The combination boasts a real theatrical immersive experience with fantastic video and audio quality, making the device a true mobile cinema. It invigorates your movie, TV, […]

Get GTA V for free! One of the best Stereoscopic 3D games

Few days ago we said that PC is the biggest source of free 3D content, and now we can announce that you can enjoy one of the best stereoscopic games for free! GTA V premium edition is available on the Epic Games Store. Includes GTA online, 1 million GTA$, and some vehicles and properties for […]