3D links

Coming soon links to other interesting webs about 3D.

WeShare 3D logo
WeShare3D: 3D video portal, depth-map video and even multiview video. The first video portal designed for the new 3D formats and devices. Will provide content for upcoming Ultra-D screens and the “holographic” (in reality mutiview of 4 views) smartphone Red Hydrogen One
 Phereo: 3D photo community for 3D SmartTV (App if you have Samsung or the browser for other brands), Smartphone (if is not 3d you can send image via Miracast to your 3DTV), Cardboard or PC (nvidia 3d vision and Firefox).
CinemaBlend: Reviews the depth of 3D movies on several aspects: Fit, planning, healthness… But they review nonsense aspects like brightness (is different on every projection system and even on different cinemas with same system), and glasses-off picture ¿¿¡!??
3D or 2D: Web with 3D reviews of movies and Nintendo 3DS videogames. You can know if a movie has a 3D worth of it or if has a poor/bad depth. They’re exaggerated, not all 3D movies have to abuse of 3D effects. 3D is much more than only “things popping out of the screen”.