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You will have to write detailed articles about the topics you’ll be given. Along with the topic, you’ll receive some indications or key points that should appear in the article. The articles should be written following the easy-to-understand style of the website, so everybody can understand them, whatever they know a lot about 3D or not. Depending on the article, you’ll may need to find appropriate images to include in the article.

The article should be polished through various days until perfection (only small reviews, not intensive), without rushing to publish.

Candidates should have experimented somehow with Stereoscopic 3D formats. Written language can be English or Spanish or even other popular languages, tell us in which language you can write and we’ll see.

Payment per article

E-mail us to tridimensional @ tridimensional . info

After publishing an article, you will have to share to groups and communities talking about that topic, not spamming everywhere, only sharing when appropriate for that group. You’ll also need to publish occasionally about products on the Store, also without spamming. Sometimes, if there’s no much to share or to no repeat previous posts, you’ll share 3D images or content (provided by us), so people maintain interest in the SN profile and website.

Occasional publishing, around 3 times per week.

Candidates should love 3D

E-mail us to tridimensional @ tridimensional . info

If you know somebody interested, tell him about this.