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Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom

3D: A good 3D focused on overall depth, instead of occasional gimmicks. There are plenty of elements that appear half inside and half outside the screen (not abusing from that, is quite natural), so the overall movie looks beautiful in 3D. But in one particular scene (a sort of underwater highway) there’s very little depth; There are some movies with superb 3D in similar underwater scenes, but in this movie this scene was the weakest. Except for this scene, the movie looks stunning in 3D, the 3D & the movie are not as epic as the first movie, but it is worth watching in 3D.

4DX: As you can imagine, there are many moments with water effects, but as always are not annoying, at least in our theater. Movements and fights are correctly tuned, and it increases in excitement for the final fight. 4DX helps to feel the raw of the fights and even anticipate when a hit to the floor is coming.

Aquaman 2


Background depth


Foreground depth


Pop outs & other effects


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