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3D: From the first moments, you can appreciate lots of close ups of the characters, with strong and beautiful depth, the images are powerful and look more epic, and then they show the planes and the thing improves even more. When you were thinking the 3D couldn’t improve they showcase a breathtaking flight scene so intense that it steals all the impactful of chair movement and other 4DX effects, they push the limits of 3D without doing window violations, it is really breathtaking. Almost all scenes have superb depth, except some shots of less than 1 second and a scene in the credits. We have not seen so good 3D since the first Aquaman and the biggest Marvel movies, Hollywood should take some notes from the 3D of this movie (and also about on how to tell a story). Lots of scenes get more emotional thanks to the strong depth on characters. Any 3D enthusiast should see this 3D movie. A 3D masterpiece.

4DX: There are many effects, the water effects appear surprisingly and they feel more realistic than on other movies. But the movement of the chairs is barely noticed when you enjoy the amazing 3D effects of the movie. The movie’s movement and impact effects get stronger towards the end, stealing some glitz from the 3D.



Background depth


Foreground depth


Pop outs & other effects


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