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Inside Out 2


3D: The movie starts strong with good depth and some aggressive pop outs. After the beginning, the pop outs are moderate, the pop outs increase towards the end of the movie. Depth across the movie is good in foreground, and milder in backgrounds.

4D E-Motion: This time we went to a theater using 4D E-Motion instead 4DX. Hits on the back on this system consists only of a rumble of the seat, this rumble has been integrated better in Inside Out 2 than in the promotional trailer about the 4D possibilities. Saying that, there’s one moment at the beginning that the protagonist spits unexpectedly towards the camera, that splashing sensation was too real. 🙂 The wind sensations were more realistic and quieter than in 4DX theaters.

Inside Out 2


Foreground depth


Background depth


Pop outs & Other effects


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