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Ninja Turtles Mutant Chaos: Review of the 3D and 4DX aspects

3D: This movie is different from other movies in many aspects. At the beginning, with the credits and first scene, it seems it would be a movie with weak depth, but over the first few seconds the depth increases gradually, then, after a minute, you realize you’re watching something unique; The style of the illustration and the depth applied to it brings an unprecedented realism. It doesn’t seem like everything is drawn, as it would look in 2d, but it seems like an alternate reality. This movie will bring a different experience in 2d than 3D, we’re not saying 3D is better than 2d version, or the opposite way, but we think this movie can bring two artistic visions by watching it in both formats. The 3D is excellent with plenty of nice close-ups, and memorable moments. The comic style turns into an alternate reality, as we said before. One additional scene in 3D at the final credits.

4DX: 4DX is very fun at action scenes, the rest of the movie is quiet. Overall, it is a good experience with some good moments, but not a must be option.

Ninja Turtles Mutant Mayhem


Background depth


Foreground depth


Pop outs & other effects


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