KDX 32″ 4K Glasses-Free 3D display


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Welcome to the future with this multiview 3D 4K monitor. The glasses-free multiview technology offer 45 angles of image and can be seen simultaneously by unlimited number of people without need to find good spots, and you can move without losing the 3D effect. Also supports future Holographic 3D content (i.e. 9 tiles videos) and the screen will upscale 9 views to 45, so you can move and watch other angles of the images naturally like in reality.

This display can be used as 3DTV on the living room as well as monitor for work, design, multimedia, and gaming. When used for gaming this display supports nvidia 3d vision + 3D Fix Manager in SBS mode and also a new gaming software for any graphic card which is updated weekly to support new games. So you can play even more games than only with nvidia 3d vision.

Native Resolution

  • 2D 3840×2160
  • 3D 3840×2160

3D Formats

  • Stereo Side by Side
  • 2D+Z
  • 9 tiles

3D Type

  • Lenticular Glasses-Free 3D Multiview. Free movement for unlimited number of viewers

Input connectors

  • HDMI

Additional information

  • This 3D display adapts to any quality, it has 4K automatic scaling for lower quality content, if you use it for gaming you won’t need a 4K capable video card. So you will always get the maximum possible quality.
  • Can be watched by unlimited number of viewers simultaneously, with freedom of movement.
  • Supports 3D/2d gaming, STB for cable/air TV channels, 3D cameras, game consoles, and any HDMI source.
  • 3D via any stereo side by side source. You can activate 3D with OSD menu.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm
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4 weeks

3D Formats

SBS 3D, 2D+z (depth map), 9 tiles


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