Retina Vision-800 personal cinema


Affordable and light personal cinema. Watch SBS 3D & VR YouTube videos. Install Android Apps. Use sView or 3DSteroid to watch your 3D photos or videos, browse the Phereo 3D photo community. Experience a virtual 80″ screen at 1,5 meters. Use it anywhere with the included wireless mouse.

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Price in euros: 186 €
Price in pounds: £165

Affordable and light (aluminium) personal cinema to watch 3D movies and photos. Watch SBS 3D YouTube videos and also VR videos. You can install any App on the Android operating system. Use sView or 3DSteroid to watch your 3D photos, or browse the Phereo 3D photo community. With the single push of a button you can switch between 2d and 3D mode.

You will experience a virtual 80″ screen at 1,5 meters, and you can use it anywhere thanks to the internal battery. You will also receive an high-quality Microsoft Mouse and a wireless receiver for use with the glasses, so you can use the system as easily as using a computer, and you can connect more devices via bluetooth. Added to bluetooth, standard USB connection will also enable to connect wired keyboards or gamepads. Of course you have Wi-Fi connection and can upgrade the internal memory with a microSD card.

If you prefer, you can detach glasses legs and use it with the included headband. The headphones are included on package. There’s also a 5 MP camera that allows you to take POV style videos.

Estimated shipping time: 8 to 15 business days.

Additional information


MTK6582 Dual Core 1.3GHz


1 GB


2 GB, up to 32 GB with microSD


5 MP


800 mAh. DC 5V/1.5A


Dual 4:3 1080p, SBS 3D images, 80" at 1,5 m.


WiFi 802.11b/g/n. Bluetooth 4.0. USB


English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korea, etc.


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