The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2


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The storm on the Capitol

While Panem’s districts unite and fight together against the Capitol, President Snow shows himself determined to defend the rule with all means. The rebels advance and Katniss smuggles himself to the front line to judge Snow himself.

The rebel troop moves in the truest sense of the word on mined terrain. The revolutionaries have a hologram showing some of Snow’s booby traps, but there are more ambushes. Suddenly a flood of oil pours down from the roofs and bloodthirsty mutants attack the sewers.

Obviously, the Capitol has copied some of the fighters of the hunger games. It’s all evolving into a 76th edition of the Hunger Games. Only now the fighters have a common enemy: President Snow. The showdown shows grandiose action scenes and big feelings. If you don’t know the end yet, you can be prepared for a few big surprises.

Science Fiction / Action / Fantasy, 138 Min.


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