Holo bike: A new way to exercise and travel around the world from home

It’s a stationary bike with a 27-inch, 4K stereoscopic display mounted in front of the handlebars. Saga says the HoloBike can convince riders that they’re actually covering distance, instead of pedaling monotonously inside. Multiple companies have dabbled with three-dimensional technology for indoor training before, but it usually involves wearing a virtual reality headset of some kind, which […]

Introducing ProMa Master Plus, a 3D tablet with instant AI 2d to 3D conversion

Say goodbye to the limited angles of traditional 3D displays! The ProMa Master Plus Tablet is here to revolutionize your viewing experience with crystal clear images that maintain their quality no matter the angle. This means you can immerse yourself in 3D content more comfortably than ever before. Designed for 3D enthusiasts, the Master Plus […]

nubia Pad 2 announced. A massive improvement from previous nubia Pad 3D

Leia Inc. announced that ZTE’s nubia Pad 3D II is the latest device to unlock glasses-free 3D using LeiaSR technology, the 5G tablet is a massive improvement from last year’s nubia Pad 3D: it will arrive with an 80% increase in 3D resolution, a 100% increase in 3D brightness, a 5x reduction in cross-talk which eliminates […]

3D at CES 12024

Every year, an increasing number of 3D devices are introduced at CES, and a most of them are available for purchase in the following months, instead of being just prototypes. Apple The Apple Vision Pro wasn’t presented at CES, but people are talking a lot more about the Vision Pro than any other device at […]

Leia is rapidly becoming the biggest player in the 3D display industry.

A few months ago, Leia was the most prominent brand of 3D displays in the present era.
Two recent acquisitions have made that affirmation even bolder.

Sony introduces a larger 27″ holographic display

The first display in Sony’s lineup offered a screen size of 15.6 inches (about 40 cm). However, larger 3D models were cut off at the edges of the holographic diorama. So Sony has announced a larger and improved Spatial Reality Display. The ELF-SR2 display is not only larger, but also has an improved vision sensor […]