Lume Pad 2 / Nubia Pad 3D announced

Barcelona’s MWC 2023 is here. And that means we have new announcements of 3D devices and technologies. The successor of Leia’s Lume Pad has been announced. In the US, the device will be called simply as Lume Pad 2. In other territories, the device will be distributed by ZTE (creators of the Axon 7 Max) […]

All the Stereoscopic 3D devices presented at CES 2023

UPDATE: Kandao released three new cameras and showcased its recently launched Qoocam EGO 3D (available through our store), the world’s first stereoscopic 3D camera with an integrated viewer for instant playback; and its AR CAM Freeview, a camera array for bullet time video capture, and multi-camera livestreaming, with high-precision frame synchronization among cameras, but without […]

3DTVs are back!! and some are glasses-free Monsters…

UPDATE: We have both polarized and glasses-free 3DTVs in our Store.  As you know, we have been fighting for years to bring again a 3DTV to the market. And we are proud to announce that finally we achieved an agreement with our provider to manufacture 3DTVs at demand. Just in time for the 3D wave […]