Lume Pad 2 / Nubia Pad 3D announced

Barcelona’s MWC 2023 is here. And that means we have new announcements of 3D devices and technologies. The successor of Leia’s Lume Pad has been announced. In the US, the device will be called simply as Lume Pad 2. In other territories, the device will be distributed by ZTE (creators of the Axon 7 Max) […]

Sony puts Spatial Reality Display on sale temporarily

This month, buying a professional Sony Spatial Reality Display will be less expensive

All the Stereoscopic 3D devices presented at CES 2023

UPDATE: Kandao released three new cameras and showcased its recently launched Qoocam EGO 3D (available through our store), the world’s first stereoscopic 3D camera with an integrated viewer for instant playback; and its AR CAM Freeview, a camera array for bullet time video capture, and multi-camera livestreaming, with high-precision frame synchronization among cameras, but without […]

3D photographers: Looking Glass Portrait will include direct support of SBS 3D images

The successful crowdfunding campaign of Looking Glass Portrait announce new benefits for backers, including direct support for SBS 3D images and a Voxatron license (a platform of Holographic videogames). There’s also support for the depth maps of Portrait photos on iPhone and now also with Android so you will suddenly be able to watch your […]

Takee 1: The first Holographic Smartphone gets a new Update after 6 Years!

Takee 1 was the first Holographic 3D smartphone ever made. Released in 2015, it was produced by the chinese company EStar and it featured the Holographic 3D Technology developed by the German SeeReal Technologies. This means that the phone was equipped with software that allowed to take full advantage of the phone’s 3D screen and […]

Looking Glass Portrait lower their price for backers due to high success

Thanks to the huge success of Kickstarter campaign of Looking Glass Portrait now they have enough resources to offer better prices to backers. They’re near to 2 million dollars raised so they can now offer a bigger discount to backers, so you can get one for $249 (185 pounds) instead the $349 final price. But […]