The next generation glasses-free Stereoscopic 3D ProMa device

UPDATE: Now available on Indiegogo!US, Canada & Mexico users: You only can get the device on the Indiegogo campaign. After it ends, users of that countries won’t be able to purchase the device. The moment to unveil our next device has arrived. Our objective is to make 3D a big thing again, no matter if […]

Windows: New 3D film premiering April 25th at your home

3-D SPACE presents the independent 3-D experimental film “Windows” to enjoy from home We may not be able to watch a lot of 3D movies in theaters right now, but we still want great 3-D films. The experimental 3-D feature film Windows by independent filmmaker Kevin Ford will premiere online on Sunday, April 25, at […]

SD&A 2021 3D Theater Session

UPDATE: After the broadcast we would like to highlight the incredible technology of the technical demonstration for neurosurgeons. We have no doubt that it will revolutionize this field. The 3D Theater Session showcases the wide variety of 3D films produced and exhibited around the world. It is open to all attendees of the Electronic Imaging […]

Introducing ProMa King Tablet

UPDATE: ProMa King Tablet available now! Click here to buy it on our Store. Tridimensional joins a leader OEM specialized on stereoscopic displays, they have made the glasses-free 3D screens of some popular smartphones, and also 3D displays for enterprises, 3D digital signage and 3D video-walls. And because they lastly have made improvements on lenticular screens […]

Disney+ in 3D is what most people who come to our website are looking for

UPDATE: You can watch 100 3D movies for free on our ProMa King Tablet Remember: Vudu have a catalog of 3D movies to stream (only available in US and Canada) A year ago we published an article to encourage people to ask Disney to include SBS 3D movies in their Disney+ service. It seems that […]

LA 3-D Movie Fest Online available to watch

UPDATE: On the YouTube channel they publish new shorts every week. With exclusive content for Patreon subscribers. 3-D SPACE presents select films from the 16th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival, streaming in side-by-side format for 3DTV viewing, and in red/cyan anaglyph format for computer and handheld devices. The live event was streamed on May 3rd, […]