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Revolutionize your iPhone, with our mind-blowing Spatial Display for iPhone!

You don’t need a Vision Pro to enjoy Spatial Video or 3D content

Elevate your iPhone experience with our groundbreaking iPhone Spatial Display. Not only does it shield your device from scratches and smudges, but it also transforms your iPhone into an immersive 3D entertainment hub, unlocking a world of exciting possibilities.

Don’t need to swith to another device or start with zero content. Your regular photos & videos you already have today on your iPhone will flourish in a new way.

And your iPhone is also a 3D/Spatial camera. You can take 3D photos and videos with the touch of a button using the lenses of most iPhones (learn how).

  • Spatial Display & Protection: This screen protector turns your iPhone into a stunning Spatial display, making your content come to life with depth and realism. Plus, the high-quality glass ensures your screen stays protected from scratches and smudges. The Spatial Display doesn’t interfere with the text appearance and won’t limit your regular use of your device, and it unlocks the visualization of Spatial content. In both portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Adaptive Eye Tracking: The eye tracking technology enhances user interaction by following your gaze, providing a natural and immersive 3D experience. Easily switch to traditional viewing for those moments when you prefer a standard approach or want to enjoy 3D content together with a friend.
  • AI-Powered Real-Time Conversion: Powered by the same technology than our ProMa Master Tablet, plus the raw power of iPhone processors. Experience the magic of artificial intelligence with seamless zero-interaction-needed, enjoying vibrant real-time 3D visuals from your regular content. Enjoy your photos and videos enhanced with depth and dimension without any additional effort, just open it and it will already be in 3D. Instantly.
  • 3D Web Browsing: Surf the web like never before with support for 3D content on websites… Or watch traditional content in 3D like if it were already in that format. Browsing in 3D with your iPhone is even better than in the Master Tablet, allowing to watch in 3D both 2d and 3D online videos.
Easy Installation:

Using our screen protector is a breeze. Simply install it onto your iPhone with the included frame accessory, thanks to the frame you will put it in the correct position at first try. Then use the provided mirror-box for auto-calibration. Within minutes, you’ll be ready to embark on a journey into the world of 3D.

Unlock more possibilities:

Access a variety of 3D apps tailored for your screen protector*. Join 3D photo communities, read articles about 3D, use different camera assistants to create manual 3D photos, and dive into a wealth of 3D media.

Your iPhone is already a 3D camera

Take 3D videos & photos with i3DMovieCam. Take HDR Spatial Videos with Spatialify on iPhone 15 Pro / Max. Whenever your iPhone model you have a lot of ways to start taking 3D photos & videos.

Unleash the full potential of your iPhone. Buy it now and transform your mobile experience today!

*Games require chinese age verification, thus games will not be available for non-chinese citizens.

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