ProMa Monster 3DTV – 85″-98″ glasses-free MultiView



4K TV with glasses-free multiview 3D, wide angle spots allows unlimited number of people to watch 3D images.

Ready for intensive use: It can meet the long-term use of 7 × 24 hours, and the life span is not less than 50,000 hours.
Glass hardness is 3H or higher.

Supports the following 3D formats: SBS, Top-Bottom (Over/Under), 2d+Z (depth map), and 3D frame packed (used in 3D Blu-ray players, PlayStation 3/4 Stereoscopic 3D games, and some xbox games).

Use the 3DTV for showcasing products on your business, with automatic play and loop from connected storage. Perfect for high-impact campaigns. Or show a virtual aquarium, a fireplace at Christmas, etc.
If you don’t have the meanings to record promotional 3D footage of your product, we can do it for you for free.* Contact us for more information

Other uses:

  • Watch content from USB drive or microSD card.
  • Watch 3D movies with your 3D Blu-ray player or play games in 3D with your PlayStation console game.
  • Play games in 3D with your PC using any of the available stereoscopic 3D drivers.
  • Edit and view in your PC your 3D content in real time.

You can choose between shipping your 3DTV with stand or wall mount.


This product is manufactured at demand after customer order. It can take up to 1 month to ship.

  • We will record in 3D for free footage for 1 product and put text on the ad. If your product/service requires modeling 3d models, or you need more footage, we can do it for a fee.

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Additional information


86" or 98" DLED


Lenticular with condensed Multi-views (up to 54)
Strong effect, soft transitioning, ghost-free

Ideal distance

above 4 meters
150º of 3D viewing angles

Image quality

Clear, Natural, Delicate
Color Wheel + Motion Engine
1,07 Billion colors
Good uniformity and color reproduction, no black edge or shadow phenomenon.
5000:1 / 3000:1

Inputs & Connectivity

TV-RF (DTV), 3xHDMI, Component YPbPr, VGA, Composite
Stereo CVBS out & in, stereo mini-jack
USB x2, microSD
Gigabit Ethernet, dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


5W x 2, 8Ω

Formats support

Video: RM/MPG/MPEG/AVI/MP4/MOV/WMA/FLV, Divx(1080P), XviD(1080P), MPEG1, MPEG2(1080P), MPEG4(1080P), H.264(1080P), WMV(1080P), VC1(1080P) , RM\RMVB(1080P), AVS
3D: 4K3D supported. Frame-packing, side by side, top-bottom, or 2d+Z.


Ready for intensive use: It can meet the long-term use of 7 × 24 hours, and the life span is not less than 50,000 hours.
Hardness 3H or higher
Mstar MSD6A938
Mali-T820 MP4
Android support (not AndroidTV version)

Size & Weight

2090mm*1310mm*250mm / 2229*1330*125mm (without stand)
200 Kg / 230 Kg


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