James Cameron on How Avatar’s 4K HDR Remaster Improves the 3D Experience

James Cameron isn’t known for half-assing things. In fact, quite the opposite. A straightforward theatrical re-release of the original Avatar would probably do fine at the box office and drum up some hype for the long-awaited sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water. But why stop there? Cameron has taken things a step further, overseeing a full 4K HDR […]

Minions: The Rise of Gru

3D: Very good, and full of depth and effects, 3D is very fun. 3D makes the movie a lot more fun. Initial credits are 2d, but the rest of the movie is great. 4DX: It’s perfectly integrated and very fun. As the 3D, it makes the movie even more fun. Totally recommended: Watch it in […]

Leia unveils the Next Generation Lightfield displays

By Leia Inc.  Leia Inc., unveiled its next generation of 3D Lightfield displays, which offer a “window like” view into the Metaverse and will connect more people, faster. They made various reference designs for PC and automotive solutions. This means they are not releasing the devices, but they will license the technology to other brands […]

June 21st: International Stereoscopy Day!

Stereoscopy Day is an international celebration of the birth of Stereoscopy, its inventor, British polymath Sir Charles Wheatstone, its pioneers and their successors up to the present day, its long history from its first Golden Age and subsequent periods of popularity, its rich diversity and multiple uses in various fields, as well as the sheer […]

Kandao bring us a promising 3D camera with wide stereo base!

UPDATE: They reconsidered the quality and compatibility issues of half-SBS and chose to use the standard Full-SBS format also for photos. We asked them to also support MPO files. There’s a new 3D camera on Kickstarter (about 26h left at the writing of this article!), that have 65 mm stereo base. Since the Fuji W3 camera, […]

New glasses-free screen coming soon and we accept Cryptocurrency now

It seems again that 2021 a lot of expected 3D devices still didn’t have arrived to market. But that encourages us to fight more intensively for bringing more 3D devices to the masses by ourselves. It seems that producing a 3DTV (something we’re trying to achieve for more than 2 years!) is more difficult than […]