Panasonic Lumix 3D1

The best 3D camera you can find actually. Arrived to market some years ago for 400$, it’s unrivaled 3d quality and even quality on 2d caused an increase of price over years. This is maybe the only camera on the 21st century that continue selling a lot of years after his launch, at least in Japan. It’s great quality on 2d or 3d can rivalize even with 2017 2d compact cameras. You can buy it on for 500$ or 700€ if you can find it on some european Amazon store.

It is smart enough that it’s automatic night mode detect if you’re using a tripod or if is on a stable surface (it detects if is 100% stable, human hands are not, sorry), if answer is yes it automatically open the shutter for several seconds to achieve impossible photos for automatic compact cameras.

Screen is not 3D, but is smart enough to warn you if something is too close to the camera (one of the biggest errors of novice 3d photographing/videoing is putting hands and objects a bit -ok, a lot- too close to the camera, when you look that images it’s like if somebody puts his finger on your eye… Please, stop doing that. Really), so you can avoid annoying things near your eyes. But we can’t know in real time if occurs the opposite: too far objects so depth perception is low (very often on a camera with sensors so close), but that’s something experience can teach you.

Panasonic Lumix 3D1




Night conditions Quality


Video Quality


Depth of 3D





  • Image quality
  • Quality with low light conditions
  • Smoothness of video
  • Intuitive touch screen
  • Long duration Battery


  • Japanese (but intuitive use of icons)
  • Low depth 3D for distant objects
  • No zoom nor flash on video
  • 2D screen

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