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Another independent review for ProMa King Tablet

At the beginning of the crowdfunding campaign of ProMa King Tablet, we sent a prototype to ThirdDimensionSociety. This is a review from one of his members. NOTICE: This review is from an early prototype. Since then software features have been...


Introducing ProMa King Tablet

UPDATE: ProMa King Tablet available now! Click here. Tridimensional joins a leader OEM specialized on stereoscopic displays, they have made the glasses-free 3D screens of some popular smartphones, and also 3D displays for enterprises, 3D digital signage and 3D video-walls. And...


Avalanche of 3D releases at theaters!

If you ever missed more variety and availability of 3D movies on theaters, you should be already choosing what movie (or two movies) go to watch today, and then which one to choose for tomorrow and upcoming days. Since Digital...


The King is here

Get your crystal-clear glasses-free 3D ProMa King Tablet here.


The next generation glasses-free Stereoscopic 3D ProMa device

UPDATE: Now available on Indiegogo!US, Canada & Mexico users: You only can get the device on the Indiegogo campaign. After it ends, users of that countries won’t be able to purchase the device. The moment to unveil our next device...