Sonic Generations

The game has excellent 3D both in classic side scrolling levels and 3d levels. Game work in 3D on all major platforms: PS3, 360, PC and 3DS. Amazon USA/International Amazon España PC version: Nintendo 3DS version: XBOX 360 version (there’s also PS3 version):

Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Mirror of Fate

Digital: Nintendo Digital Store Cartridge: USA / UK / Deutschland / France / Italia España: Tienda digital Nintendo / Cartucho

Luigi’s Mansion 2

The 3D screen acts as a window to the house of the game, it seems you can touch inside the screen. Nintendo 3DS: USA / UK / Deutschland / France / Italia / España

Kid Icarus Uprising

Download: Cartridge: USA Amazon UK Amazon España Amazon Deutschl. Amazon France Amazon Italia Amazon