Author: Kano3D


June 21st: International Stereoscopy Day!

Stereoscopy Day is an international celebration of the birth of Stereoscopy, its inventor, British polymath Sir Charles Wheatstone, its pioneers and their successors up to the present day, its long history from its...


Happy National Stereoscopic 3D Day!

Thanks to a proposal of 3D Movie List, the user Parallax Shift registered the third day of the third week of the third month in the US as the National Stereoscopic 3D day....


Let’s use the existing high quality 3D standards if we want 3D to return. We urgently need to switch to MPO and frame interleaved!

UPDATE: Added more technical info on the video section, so developers or enthusiasts can start producing interleaved videos. At the beginning of the Digital 3D era, 3D video was very difficult to use...