ZTE Voyager 3D: A cheap 5G 3D Smartphone with interesting features

The ZTE Voyager 3D is the latest addition to ZTE’s innovative lineup. Building on the legacy of previous ZTE devices such as the Nubia Pad and the Axon 7 Max, the Voyager 3D showcases the company’s commitment to enhancing the user experience through immersive and cutting-edge features. The ZTE Voyager 3D stands out in the […]

The iPhone finally becomes the ultimate 3D device: Unleash all its 3D capabilities with our iPhone Spatial Display

Revolutionizing the already excellent iPhone 3D ecosystem by adding the final piece needed to make it the ultimate 3D device.

Happy Stereoscopy Day! Celebrate it with us with a new 3DTV and discounts!

Don’t miss the opportunity to get our bests products at a discounted price: the iPhone Spatial Display, the Master Tablet, and our 3D Lens for stereographers. And get ready for our new Passive 4K 3DTV! You can get your discount also on the new 3DTV! Visit our Store

The most desired thing for our visitors is to have a brand new 3DTV

Our visitors shifted from looking for 3D on Disney+, to the availability of brand new 3DTVs again. We understand our glasses-free 3DTV is expensive, so we have fighted to produce Passive 3DTVs again

Xreal Beam Pro. An Spatial camera designed for the Xreal AR glasses.

At AWE 2024, XREAL announced a brand new mobile Android device called Beam Pro that serves as an accessory to XREAL AR glasses.   The XREAM Beam Pro offers dual 3D cameras, allowing users to capture 3D videos. It was designed to allow AR glasses users to access the apps they want without draining their […]

More details about the new Spatial & Immersive cameras from Canon and Blackmagic

Canon Added to the Canon RF-S7.8mm F4 STM dual lens introduced on the WWDC24 presentation, Canon is going all-or-nothing for stereoscopic content creation, and now they present another stereoscopic lens for the R7. Buy our 3D Lens for DSLR Mirrorless cameras The new Canon RF-S3.9mm F3.5 STM dual fisheye lens will be compatible with the […]