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Asus ROG PG278Q

Update: There’s a newer version with HDMI input (links at end)

This is the best 3D you can see right now. The only 3D 2K (2560×1440) screen. Only a 4K 3D TV it’s better, but the only content you can see on 4K 3D on a TV without a computer is 3D photos with 8+ megapixels. We tested this screen with photos, videogames and movies and it’s a whole new generation of 3D, a lot better than a 3D Blu-Ray; you can stay at only a few inches from screen and still see 3D objects ultra sharp, near hologram like.

The screen uses TN technology, like other 144Hz screen. Some people complain about TN color acuracy, but believe us, it has the better color acuracy of any other TN screen, it’s like a LED screen. It has the brightest 3D we ever seen. There’s no need to increase bright, some times, even we prefer to lower it. On 3D mode bright increases automatically, and if you put it on maximum it’s a lot more bright than regular mode.

The menus are easy and fast to use. You can select warm color temperature if you use the computer before going sleep or adjust it manually. Note that the only available connection is one Displayport 1.2. Sorry, you can’t connect 3D consoles nor any HDMI equipment. There’s no available equipment to convert HDMI to DP (yes if you want to convert DP to HDMI, like most modern notebooks). We found one converter on Amazon, but it’s designed for Apple Cinema display and is expensive, we don’t know if will work with this screen (if somebody test it, please, let us know).

Other Amazon links (USA and UK below): Deutschland, France, Italia.

New version (Asus PG278QR) with HDMI and DisplayPort: USA, UK, Deutschland, France, Italy.

Asus ROG PG278Q

about 700$

3D Quality


Color Quality









  • 2K 2560x1440 resolution
  • Bright
  • Color Quality
  • Menus
  • 90 degrees rotation


  • Only one Displayport
  • USB hub bad placed
  • Useless GamePlus functions