Red Hydrogen One
✔ Good photo community and good 3D video camera
❌ No 3D YouTube, 3D screen less sharp

Elephone P11 3D
✔ Can play any SBS content, including YouTube and 3D photos from internet
❌ No 3D camera

✔ 3D content Hub
❌ No 3D camera

King PPTV 7S 3D
✔ Sharpest 3D screen ever
❌ No 3D camera / basic as mobile
SuperD D1
ZTE Axon 7 Max Doogee Y6 Max 3D SuperD D1 / Ivvi K5 Yocophone A9 3D

List of all 3D enabled mobile phones to date (101 milion units sold). We recommend to sort the list by date (push two times on Release column)


Smartphones that work but are obsolete for today standards:

Elephone P8 3D
Sharp Aquos SH80F HTC Evo 3D LG Optimus 3D Elephone P8 3D

These smartphones can be used for 3D Youtube (i.e. movie trailers when you’re on the cinema and want to know if is worth 3d or not), make 3D photos -with good light conditions- (don’t trust their flash), see 3D photos from Phereo community and play some game in 3D.