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Two new 3D smartphones available with a promising 3D Hub

Update: External video added to end of article, showing unboxing and first contact with device.

Following the tradition of some 3D mobiles every year this 2019 bring us the ROKiT IO 3D and the ROKiT IO PRO 3D.

The Pro version features IPS 5,99″ 2160×1080 18:9 screen without notch, 64GB storage supporting 128GB microSD cards, 4GB RAM, 4G networks, 3850mAh battery, fingerprint sensor, dual 13MP + 2 MP cameras -allowing to make 3D photos, but the cameras are too close so only portrait mode and near things-, 8MP front camera, and of course a glasses-free screen (unknown type). System is Android 8.1. So we have a mid-range device.

The good thing: replaceable battery. The bad: lenses too close for 3D photos.

The basic version comes with IPS 5,45″ 1440×720 18:9 3D screen also without notch, only 16 GB storage expandable with 128GB microSD cards, 2GB RAM, 4G networks, 2500mAh battery, fingerprint sensor, 8MP single camera and 2MP front camera. Albeit SuperD D1 demonstrates some basic devices could be better in some aspects than the latest flagships devices, the meagre 16GB of ROKiT is too small for basic use unless you wouldn’t install Apps. The 2MP front camera may seem creepy, but it could be way better than 8 and 12MP cameras of today, as bigger pixels on same size can better capture light. And 99% photos made from front cameras are sent to social networks and instant messaging at less than FullHD resolution (which is 2MP), so even 2MP for selfies is enough for everybody. But we’re not confident about the quality; It’s something we can’t say it’s good or bad until testing it.

Both devices come with a free one year subscription to ROK Health service which includes family telemedicine and pharmacy savings. Through MeMD, Family Telemedicine gives you access to a doctor 24/7/365 for minor things like a cough or flu – all from your device. Plus, save up to 75% on generic or brand-name prescriptions through Pharmacy Savings (even for pets). It’s not specified but service seems intended only for USA. Also included free 12 month of WiFi domestic and international calls.

Added to this a free month of ROK TV, ROKiT games, Stringray Music and ROCKFLiX 3D. As the name suggest, ROCKFLiX 3D is a 3D content portal like the one from ZTE Axon 7 Max. Unlimited movies can be downloaded to card storage to watch freely anywhere without depending on internet signal.

ROKiT has produced and acquired original 3D content to create the largest (at least in English) catalogue of 3D films available for 3D devices. Through the ROKFLiX 3D App, you’ll be able to download enough content to watch three films a week and still have over 18 months worth of content. There are content for all ages, from live-action shows to animation series counting short films and features. Also a variety of exclusive content including documentaries, live performances, and more. That is what ROK promises, we would like to check it for ourselves.

ROK Studios is run by The Mantello Brothers, who have grossed over 80 million dollars at the box office for 3D features. They are exclusively working to produce both animated and live-action original content for glasses-free viewing on our 3D devices with ROKFLiX 3D. ROK Studios also continues to amass content from the largest 3D content producers in the world, including major film studios.

Prices are 299$ for Pro version, and 199$ for basic version. The Pro version price seems right, as it includes the Health service and other goodies. But the basic model seems too expensive even with those services included.


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