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Avalanche of 3D releases at theaters!

If you ever missed more variety and availability of 3D movies on theaters, you should be already choosing what movie (or two movies) go to watch today, and then which one to choose for tomorrow and upcoming days. Since Digital...


Theaters with 3D movies right now (or regularly)

UPDATE: This page contains a list of theaters that reportedly project movies in 3D. Keep asking for 3D on cinemas without 3D sessions. Do you know any other not on the list? Please, tell us in comments North America GHTC...


Мулан / Mulan in 3D in Uzbekistan

We ocassionally contact Disney to ask them to incorporate 3D movies on Disney+ streaming service. Also to at least offer 3D version of Mulan (which is an expensive premiere not included on the service). We recommend to make pressure by...