Games with good 3D that we recommend for your (New) Nintendo 3DS

Now that the Nintendo eShop doesn’t offer Nintendo 3DS games anymore, we can still buy physical cartridges to increase our collection of 3D games. This is a list of games we know that make good use of the Stereoscopic 3D feature: External affiliate links This is a small compilation of other good 3D games that […]

How to Upload 3D to YouTube. How to Watch 3D on YouTube (and channels with good 3D videos)

NOTICE: Currently, there’s a bug on YouTube that doesn’t allow to correctly upload 3D videos. More information on this post: UPDATE 4: We added how to upload as frame-packing for best quality possible. UPDATE 3: Fake your browser as TV so you get the SBS image instead red and blue anaglyph: On any chromium […]