Leia unveils the Next Generation Lightfield displays

By Leia Inc.  Leia Inc., unveiled its next generation of 3D Lightfield displays, which offer a “window like” view into the Metaverse and will connect more people, faster. They made various reference designs for PC and automotive solutions. This means they are not releasing the devices, but they will license the technology to other brands […]

First Ultra-D professional monitor available to the public

Before you get too excited note the professional on the title. This is not a TV, it is a heavy (very heavy indeed) monitor intended to digital signage, but IQH3D allows the purchase to any 3D enthusiast. Not being a TV is not a problem in a world full of Smart set-top-boxes, sometimes with better […]

Differences between Stereoscopic 3D, Holographic 3D, and Hologram

If you usually visit this blog you may have wondered about the difference between 3D and other screen technologies. Here we’ll tell you the differences between them. First of all clarify that this terms are not official (sometimes neither the manufacturers themselves are able to explain clearly what kind of image their products offer). But […]