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First Ultra-D professional monitor available to the public


Before you get too excited note the professional on the title. This is not a TV, it is a heavy (very heavy indeed) monitor intended to digital signage, but IQH3D allows the purchase to any 3D enthusiast. Not being a TV is not a problem in a world full of Smart set-top-boxes, sometimes with better capabilities than a Smart TV alone. You may even already own one at home: XBOX, PlayStation, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, etc… So you only need to connect one of them to this Ultra-D monitor and you will have an impressive Holographic 3D TV. The device comes with two HDMI ports and one USB for playing h264 encoded files.

Any Side-by-Side (SBS) or Top Bottom (T/B) content will be shown in 4K Ultra-D holographic format. The monitor detects frame-packed 3D image from 3D Blu-Rays and PlayStation 3 3D games. You will have 140 horizontal degree of liberty to view the holographic image, but even if you get out of that you will see a perfect 2d image instead a blurry one. Native 4K content in 2d and 3D can be played via the USB port and the integrated player. You have total control of amount of depth, so forget eyestrains for that 3D photo you optimistically did too near to the camera, and you will enjoy like never before that movie with that disappoining 3D so meh!…

Professional users and enterprises can control and schedule the device via USB and Ethernet. If you’re not an enterprise which can pay installation of the device you will need the help of a pair of friends for the installation as this is a professional product that weights 80 Kgs/178 lbs. But that’s not a problem for a real 3D enthusiast with the money to buy this device, and after installation your friends will enjoy with you a deserved evening of 3D cinema without glasses.

Speaking about the price, it costs $4900/4459€ but right now they have a 20% discount code at top of the website, so a discounted price will be $1000 lower ($3950/3595€). It seems a lot, but with discount that’s only a few bucks more than a high end 3DTV from Sony still available to buy in 2019 (at least in Spain, although you can find a cheaper Panasonic, also in Spain).

You can buy this Ultra-D monitor directly from the IQH3D store (they also have 3D cases for iPhone 7 and 8 like the one we reviewed from MOPIC):


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One thought on “First Ultra-D professional monitor available to the public”

  1. I am very much encouraged by your review. I cannot wait to see this product with my own eyes. Hopefully 2020 will be the year the typical consumer can purchase this product in the 65 or 75 inch 8k television format

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