Align 3D photos with Stereo Photo Maker using a 3D screen

Make the most of the Fujifilm Finepix W3 camera and it’s 3D photos & videos

Thanks to the ANAVision YouTube channel you can dominate your Fuji W3 like a pro! 00:14 Overview 01:42 Shooting Photos and Videos 04:58 (I think I’m in Trouble) 05:22 Viewing Photos and Videos 12:17 MyFinepix Studio 16:19 – Viewing Photos 19:00 – Viewing Videos 21:08 – 3D Movie Trimming 23:08:- 3D Movie Splitting 24:24 – […]

How to easily take 3D photos with any camera

Make the first photo and after this first photo carefully move horizontally your camera to left or right side a few inches avoiding vertical displacement (if subject is closer make less horizontal displacement than if is farther). From now make all your 3d photos moving on the same direction, to avoid later processing.