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Make the most of the Fujifilm Finepix W3 camera and it’s 3D photos & videos

Thanks to the ANAVision YouTube channel you can dominate your Fuji W3 like a pro!

00:14 Overview
01:42 Shooting Photos and Videos
04:58 (I think I’m in Trouble)
05:22 Viewing Photos and Videos
12:17 MyFinepix Studio
16:19 – Viewing Photos
19:00 – Viewing Videos
21:08 – 3D Movie Trimming 23:08:- 3D Movie Splitting
24:24 – 3D Movie Saving As Anaglyph
26:13 – 3D Movie Saving As Side by Side (SBS)
27:48 – 3D Movie Stitching
28:55 – 3D Movie from 2 x 2D Movies
30:06 – 3D Photo Tools
31:20 Processing Photos – Stereo Photo Maker
34:43 Processing Videos – Stereo Movie Maker
38:16 Printing & Sharing
43:37 Wrap Up & Summary
44:25 (I was forgiven)

Link to User Manual:…
Link to download Fujifilm MyFinePix Software:…
Link to download Stereo Photo Maker:
Link to download Stereo Movie Maker:
Link to 3D printing services for mpo files:…


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