New Spatial/Immersive cameras and new contents. New features and new possibilities in VisionOS 2

UPDATE: VisionOS is now compatible with WebXR and it’s enabled by default. Apple introduced new features on the WWDC24 for Vision Pro, among some impressive privacy-friendly AI features Vision Pro has been on the market for less than a half year, but in that time the number of native Apps increased from 600 to 2000. […]

Acer introduces the SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera

Acer is becoming a broad ecosystem of 3D products, transcending above their LeiaSR integration. Acer has unveiled the new SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera, specifically for those who want to take 3D photos and videos. Beyond 3D shots, it integrates with the SpatialLabs platform (like Acer’s SpatialLabs Player 3.0) so it can integrate easily with other SpatialLabs devices, […]

How to take good 3D videos & photos with the iPhone’s 3D camera. BONUS: Use it as 3D camera/webcam for your desktop device

If your iPhone has two horizontally aligned lenses (in landscape orientation) on the back, you can record 3D video and take 3D photos.

Upcoming Goovis G3X, a cheaper version of the Goovis G3 Max

Goovis is preparing a new version for its Goovis G3 viewer, lighter and cheaper, but also with important drawbacks on its features Goovis is preparing the G3X, an OLED Cinematic HMD, 42PPD and 1920*1080 Pixels Per Eye. With a sleek and lightweight design, the G3X is a reduced version of the Goovis G3 Max, which […]

How to take Spatial Photos & enhanced HDR Spatial Videos with Spatialify (and export from/to 3D) on your iPhone

Now you’ll learn to record even better Spatial Videos in HDR at 60fps or 4K, and also how to take Spatial Photos (not available in the iPhone’s Camera). Moreover, in this tutorial you will learn how to export to other 3D formats, and from 3D to Spatial.

Telefónica to demonstrate AI 5G Holographic meetings at Mobile World Congress 2024

MATSUKO and Telefónica Announce Holographic Meetings Leveraging Telefónica’s 5G & Edge and NVIDIA Maxine Artificial Intelligence Platform MATSUKO and Telefónica today announced the launch of a spatial computing experience of holographic meetings, developed in collaboration with NVIDIA, which will enable creators to connect and collaborate seamlessly as holograms in real time. With just their smartphone camera, people can […]