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Upcoming Goovis G3X, a cheaper version of the Goovis G3 Max

Goovis is preparing a new version for its Goovis G3 viewer, lighter and cheaper, but also with important drawbacks on its features

Goovis is preparing the G3X, an OLED Cinematic HMD, 42PPD and 1920*1080 Pixels Per Eye. With a sleek and lightweight design, the G3X is a reduced version of the Goovis G3 Max, which is available through our Store.

The most important differences are the lower resolution, and most importantly, the lack of support for frame-packing 3D, so it won’t play 3D Blu-ray nor PlayStation 3 games. It is limited to SBS content.

The G3 Max is much superior, but the G3X is cheaper

You can visit their Kickstarter project for more information:


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