The iPhone finally becomes the ultimate 3D device: Unleash all its 3D capabilities with our iPhone Spatial Display

Revolutionizing the already excellent iPhone 3D ecosystem by adding the final piece needed to make it the ultimate 3D device.

iPhone Spatial Display

  Revolutionize your iPhone, with our mind-blowing Spatial Display for iPhone! You don’t need a Vision Pro to enjoy Spatial Video or 3D content Elevate your iPhone experience with our groundbreaking iPhone Spatial Display. Not only does it shield your device from scratches and smudges, but it also transforms your iPhone into an immersive 3D […]

How to take good 3D videos & photos with the iPhone’s 3D camera. BONUS: Use it as 3D camera/webcam for your desktop device

If your iPhone has two horizontally aligned lenses (in landscape orientation) on the back, you can record 3D video and take 3D photos.

How to take Spatial Photos & enhanced HDR Spatial Videos with Spatialify (and export from/to 3D) on your iPhone

Now you’ll learn to record even better Spatial Videos in HDR at 60fps or 4K, and also how to take Spatial Photos (not available in the iPhone’s Camera). Moreover, in this tutorial you will learn how to export to other 3D formats, and from 3D to Spatial.

How to record Spatial Video with your iPhone 15 Pro / Max

If you own an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, you should start recording your videos in Spatial Video from now on, even if you will never have a Vision Pro (check our previous article): There are no drawbacks, and it adds another dimension for the millions of 3D devices that are coming out soon. The only […]

The iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max are officially a 3D camera/video camera from Apple

The just presented iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are the first iPhones that will officially bring 3D capture to the masses. UPDATE: The horizontally aligned lenses in the iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max are the wide and ultra-wide lenses, so 3D images taken with i3DMovieCam will be finally at 1x zoom. With […]